Freedom in Tech Podcast #2: Tom Glass & Eric Guerra

Freedom in Tech Podcast #2: Tom Glass & Eric Guerra

This episode‚Äôs guests are Tom Glass and Eric Guerra! 

Tom has spent his life working for limited government in various ways. In the 2015, 2017, and 2019 Texas legislative session, he spent his time focused on stopping domestic and foreign enemies of the Constitution from subverting our liberty. On the foreign enemy front, he worked on protecting the Texas electrical grid from attack. On the domestic enemy front, he focused on a constitutional enforcement bill called the Texas Sovereignty Act. He also has created a group called Right to Use Cash to protect financial privacy and promote financial stability. 

Tom is retired from a career in information technology at ExxonMobil, most of it spent on security and controls. He spent 2014 managing the Libertarian gubernatorial campaign of Kathie Glass, his wife. 

Tom earned a Chemical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center. 

Eric has been a Liberty Activist since 2014, officially joining the Libertarian Party and participating in the convention process. He was elected as Secretary of the Travis County Libertarian Party at the 2016 County Convention, and was then elected Chair of the Travis County Libertarian Party via Special Convention in February 2017. He was re-elected as Chair at the 2018 County Convention, and became the Political Director for the Libertarian Party of Texas in May of 2018. 

Eric recognizes there are many different avenues to fight for Liberty, and enjoys the people he has met and experienced he has had fighting the good fight in the political realm. He has also started The Sovereign Individual Podcast in the hopes of explaining the philosophy behind Liberty ideals to those who are unfamiliar. Eric is committed to the fight for Liberty and is excited at the opportunities that technology presents for increased freedom. 

The Freedom in Tech Podcast is a forum for open political discussion. We feature technologists, business people, and entrepreneurs versed in politics. Our goal is to encourage more free and open discussion about politics in the technology industry.

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