Freedom in Tech Podcast #5: Cliff Maloney

We discuss Operation Win at the Door, the 2020 Democratic Candidates, the Communist Party of China, Facebook Congressional Hearings, and Snowden

Freedom in Tech Podcast #5: Cliff Maloney

Cliff Maloney serves as the President of Young Americans for Liberty, a youth-led, libertarian political organization committed to identifying, educating, training, and mobilizing student activists to Make Liberty Win.

Cliff is a regular guest and commentator on FOX News, FOX Business, PBS, Newsmax, and Reason TV. He contributes to several of the nation’s top news outlets, newspapers and magazines, including: TIME, The Hill, the Washington Times, FOX News, Investor's Business Daily, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Examiner.

When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, Cliff said he enjoys listening to Sebastian Maniscalco, spending time with his wife and family, and empowering young people to build a bench of liberty legislators across America.

In this episode, we discuss how Young Americans for Liberty is helping to elect pro-liberty legislators with Operation Win at the Door, the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates, the threat China poses to America and how the government and American citizens should address the issue, Congress regulating tech, Edward Snowden & more!  

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