Technology, Culture & Policy with Dr. Bob Metcalfe

This is a recording of the live stream of the Freedom in Tech Alliance's first ever Fireside Chat with Dr. Bob Metcalfe. 

During this event, we talked about the state of political and ideological culture in the tech industry and trends. Some of the topics included: role of government in technology, tech monopolies, the net neutrality decision, censorship by social media media platforms, and discrimination against tech workers with opposing ideological views. 

About Dr. Metcalfe: Bob Metcalfe is the professor of innovation at the University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise. Bob Metcalfe has decades of experience in science, engineering, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. He is most well-known for being a co-inventor of Ethernet, coining the eponymic "Metcalfe's Law," and founding 3Com, a company with a multi-billion dollar valuation at the time of acquisition. 

As an outspoken advocate for free enterprise, he has taken political stances on technology policy that go against the grain in the industry. He has unique ideas on many issues, including net neutrality, that are less common amongst technologists.