Our Mission

Liberty through technology and policy.

Join today to shape the culture of tech to promote liberty and freedom for all.

Our Mission

The Freedom in Tech Alliance was founded in 2018 with the ultimate goal of shaping the culture shared by entrepreneurs, founders, and those working in the technology industry in such a way that ensures the maximum benefit to the people around the world. This is now a moral imperative because of the massive impact both technology and the technology industry have upon our daily lives. By shaping the products billions use everyday and influencing public policy, the opinions and philosophies held by those in tech industry affect everyone around the world, not just those within the field. The founders of the Freedom in Tech Alliance noticed that many elements within tech culture were rather alarming, and sought to change this. The Freedom in Tech Alliance aims to affect change in accordance to three major philosophical beliefs.


The Freedom in Tech Alliance believes that the development of new technology should make the world a freer, more tolerant, more open, safer, and more compassionate place. We believe that technology should empower people against tyranny and control, and, as technologists and entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to build organizations and develop technologies that make it harder, not easier, for the government to trample our human rights. Because of this, we support the development of decentralized networks to prevent others from exerting control over people.

"technology should empower people against tyranny and control"


The Freedom in Tech Alliance believes that policies should not seek to limit freedom and take power away from the people. We noticed an alarming increase in the popularity of policies that seek to limit freedom and take power away from the people. We aim to limit the government’s control over technology. We are against backdoors and the invasion of people’s privacy and liberty by government agencies and tyrannical powers around the world. We’re against the crony capitalism that endears companies to the state and creates an environment hostile to entrepreneurs and startups struggling to break into the market. We believe in keeping the state and internet separate so that the internet stays free and open.


The Freedom in Tech Alliance believes that a culture of tolerance where the free exchange of ideas is encouraged should be the norm. Silicon Valley has become a monolith where only one philosophy is tolerated, and those that don’t share those exact beliefs are cast out as pariahs. We believe that diversity of ideas is just as important as diversity of color. We hold the first amendment in the highest possible regard and work to fight against the culture that encourages the marginalization, belittlement, and active discrimination against those with opposing viewpoints. We are working to create a world that encourages the honest discussion of ideas where those with different outlooks can freely express their beliefs without fear of judgment or discrimination.